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Tell Senators to Vote YES on comprehensive reform to prevent gun violence

By DemAdmin - Posted on 19 March 2013

58 Exactly three months after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday passed important legislation designed to strengthen our nation's gun laws.

These measures are now headed to the Senate floor, and Senators need to hear from you!

Please contact your U.S. Senators TODAY!

Tell them you support stronger gun laws, then ask them to vote YES on comprehensive reform to prevent gun violence.



If you believe in universal background checks and limiting access to military-style assault weapons, it's time to make your voice heard.

Tips on contacting your Senators by phone:

1. Identify yourself as a constituent

Senate offices may get hundreds (even thousands) of calls on a busy day, but not all are from constituents. Your voice matters!

2.  Be brief and to-the-point

After you identify yourself, make your points quickly and concisely to have the greatest impact.

3.  Be polite and respectful

Even if you think your Senator may not agree with you, it's critical to be respectful — especially when it comes to an important issue like preventing gun violence. 

Your Senators' YES votes are critical to our nation's progress on preventing gun injuries and deaths. As it stands, we need to convince at least five more U.S. Senators to side with the majority of Americans like us who believe in stronger gun laws.

Texas Senators Contact Phone Numbers:

Senator Cornyn:
  • Austin (512) 469-6034 
  • Dallas (972) 239-1310 
  • Harlingen (956) 423-0162 
  • Houston (713) 572-3337
  • Lubbock (806) 472-7533
  • San Antonio (210) 224-7485
  • Tyler (903) 593-0902
Senator Cruz:
  • Austin (512) 916-5834
  • Dallas (214) 361-3500
  • Houston (713) 653-3456
  • San Antonio (210) 340-2885
  • Washington (202) 224-5922

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence