Reports are in: Iran framework an “historic moment” for President Obama

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Iran framework an “historic moment” for President Obama

Jeb Bush Doubles Down on Right To Discriminate Bill

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Jeb Bush on Hugh Hewitt - 3/30/2015

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Rafael (Ted) Cruz - For Gun Control Before He Was Against It

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Call Senator Cruz and let him know you support sensible gun safety legistlation!

Senator Cruz:

  • Austin (512) 916-5834
  • Dallas (214) 361-3500
  • Houston (713) 653-3456
  • San Antonio (210) 340-2885
  • Washington (202) 224-5922 "Anyone"

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Tell your Senators that you support universal background checks:

Medina County Democrats Turning Texas Blue

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What a great use for old political signs.  Recycle to Turn Texas Blue!

Reynolds Faces More Barratry Allegations

Representative Ron Reynolds, D-Missouri City faces a new round of legal trouble.