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Jeb Bush Doubles Down on Right To Discriminate Bill

By DemAdmin - Posted on 30 March 2015

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Jeb Bush on Hugh Hewitt - 3/30/2015

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first under a domestic political story earlier today I watch Peter Hamby on CNN which is on over your head say that I want to quote incorrectly you don't see a lot of republicans railing to Mike Pence's defense right now that's a direct quote from miami is a great reporter talking about the Indian and the Indiana Religious Freedom Act what do you make it the controversy camp cook the CEO of Apple great company had a blast at the washington post yesterday what do you think I think if you if the actually got briefed on the law that they wouldn't be blasting the slaw I think governor Pence is done the right thing florida has a law like this look Bill Clinton signed a law like this at the federal level this is simply allowing people love cock people have faith the space to be able to express their beliefs to have to be able to be people of conscience II just I think once the fax or stab lish people are gonna see this is discriminatory at all you know the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was signed in nineteen eighty-three it's been the longest red Columbia for 22 years I do not know but single incident the sort that Tim Cook was warning about occurring in the district in the last 22 years but there are incidents are people who for example the florist in Washington State who had a business that based on her conscience she couldn't be participating in a in a gay wedding organizing it even though the person one other people was it was a friend of hers and she was taken to court and still in court or the photographer and New Mexico there are many cases where people acting on their conscience have been have up been castigated by the government in this law simply says the government has to have a level love love the burden to be able to establish that there's been some kinda discrimination I we're gonna need this this is really an important value for our country to in a diverse country where you can respect a man be tolerant of love people's lifestyles but allow for people face to be able to exercise there's okay