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Building, Organizing, Expanding

By DemAdmin - Posted on 25 March 2013

The Sugar Land Democrats Club was one of many sponsors of the Fort Bend County Democratic Party Winter Retreat held on February 23, 2013, at the T.E. Harman Center in Sugar Land. Over 200 participants from Sugar Land and Fort Bend County attended the event. Ms. Kate Mitchell, 2012 national delegate to the Democratic National Convention was the leader of the Winter Retreat Steering Committee.

Sugar Land Democrats Club Co-Founder Deron Patterson moderated the panel on “Branding and Messaging”. Matt Glazer, Executive Director of Progress Texas, a panelist remarked, “Progress Texas conducted a poll of unlikely voters and the results of that poll demonstrated most clearly that we Democrats must directly engage the unlikely voters and move them to the polls if we want to have a Democratic majority in Texas.”

Sugar Land Democrats Club Co-Founder Qaisar “Q” Imam moderated the panel on “Successful Candidates”. The panelists emphasized the importance of starting early and staying true to the issues, message, and ultimately the constituents.

Fort Bend County Democratic Party Chairman Steve Brown surprised the audience when he announced the keynote speaker Jenn Brown, Executive Director of Battleground Texas Jenn Brown was the Ohio Field Director for the 2012 Obama Election Campaign and is given credit for helping President Obama win the state of Ohio. Jenn Brown told the audience, “I am so excited to be in Texas and when I see a fired-up group of 200 plus Democrats in the month of February in a non-election year it gives me great confidence that we will turn Texas Blue.”

Deron Patterson told the audience, “This young woman should never have to buy a meal or drink for the rest of her life!”

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