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three proud words: Made in America

I’ve signed trade agreements that are helping our companies sell more goods to millions of new customers — goods that are stamped with three proud words: Made in America.

Democratic National Convention - September 6, 2012

President Obama on the Road to Charlotte - Norfolk, Virginia - Full Speech

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As President Obama gears up to officially accept his presidential nomination at the 46th Democratic National Convention, he will kick-off the "Road to Charlotte" tour with grassroots events in Iowa, Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, and North Carolina On the "Road to Charlotte" tour, the President will continue to lay out what's at stake for the middle class in this election -- the choice between continuing to move forward to an economy built to last that's grounded in a strong middle class, and going back to the same "top-down" economic policies of the last decade that crashed our economy and punished the middle class.