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Rafael (Ted) Cruz - For Gun Control Before He Was Against It

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Call Senator Cruz and let him know you support sensible gun safety legistlation!

Senator Cruz:

  • Austin (512) 916-5834
  • Dallas (214) 361-3500
  • Houston (713) 653-3456
  • San Antonio (210) 340-2885
  • Washington (202) 224-5922

Support Universal Background Checks - Call Cornyn & Cruz


Tell your Senators that you are one of 90 percent of Americans that supports universal background checks. We deserve a vote! Call 888-284-5479 or use the link below and we'll connect you. Share this with your friends, it's important Congress hears from us.

Archie "La Pierre" Bunker on Gun Control

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The National Rifle Association's ideas on gun control are as crazy now as they were when Archie Bunker first voiced them on the sitcom "All in the Family" back in the 70s!

The President and Vice President Discuss Reducing Gun Violence with Law Enforcement Officials

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President Obama and Vice President Biden meet with representatives from the Major Cities Chiefs Association and Major County Sheriffs Association to discuss the common-sense policies the President put forward last month that would reduce gun violence in communities across America. January 28, 2013.

If You´re Voting for Mitt Romney You Will Love The Video!

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Tough Fight between Mitt Romney and his bigest ideological oponent Mitt Romney From 4 Years Ago!

Overview Video of Mitt Romney's Flip Flops

Mitt Romney on Immigration

Mitt Romney: The story of two men trapped in one body

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Q: Which politician is the polar opposite of Mitt Romney?
A: Mitt Romney.

Mitt v. Mitt, The story of two men trapped in one body. Learn more at