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Nancy Pelosi and the Values Debate

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in Houston today, August 8, 2011 to share her thoughts on Republican priorities (rich people) and Democratic values. This brief clip summarizes where we Democrats are coming from. It IS a Values Debate.

Dear America - On behalf of Texas, we're sorry for Rick Perry

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On behalf of Texas, we're sorry for George W. Bush. And we're especially sorry for what's coming next....Rick Perry.

The next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention. - Molly Ivins

Meet the real Rick Perry

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Rick Perry continues to invent his own narrative about his record as Governor. It's a story that puts him on a collision course with the truth. The Texas Democratic Party is here to set the record straight on Perry's catastrophic tenure as governor.

Invitation for 2011 Jefferson Jackson Dinner

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Video invitation for the Texas Democratic Party's 2011 Jefferson Jackson Dinner

Dear Aaron Pena

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Dear Aaron Pena, we're looking forward to seein you again... in 2012.

Trying to stay rich, no matter the cost

By Lloyd Criss—Galveston County Democratic Party Chairman

There is one word that terrifies the current tea party dominated Republican Party: Taxes.

Republicans at every level are so afraid of this word they would rather watch our nation and state deteriorate than support the modest tax adjustments needed to fund public education, meet society’s basic needs and balance state and federal budgets.

State Rep. Ron Reynolds fined $10k by ethics panel

AUSTIN (KXAN) - Lawmakers make the laws. The question is, do they follow them all to the letter?

State Rep. Ron Reynolds of Missouri City, who last month was named "Freshman of the Year" by his fellow Democrats, puts that question to the test.

A KXAN News investigation shows that as of June 1, Reynolds owed the Texas Ethics Commission nearly $10,260 in fines relating to failure to file the required financial disclosure reports required of candidates for public office and officeholders.

Read the rest of the story at KXAN.

Texas’ budget crisis was no accident

By Lloyd Criss—Galveston County Democratic Party Chairman

For many decades Texas had a tax structure that provided adequate revenue to fund public education and balance the state budget. Occasionally the tax structure produced a surplus. Prior Democratic administrations wisely converted the surpluses into savings and created the Texas Rainy Day Fund for unanticipated circumstances.

In 2006 Gov. Rick Perry passed legislation that contained substantial tax cuts to benefit certain big businesses. This tax cut legislation created a $5 billion dollar shortfall in state revenue. By 2011 this shortfall, combined with a recession driven decline in sales tax revenue, blossomed into the $27 billion budget deficit crisis for the 82nd Texas Legislative Session.

This historic budget crisis was no accident. The shortfall had been forecast by the state comptroller at the time. The state treasury isn’t broke; it was robbed of the funds we need to serve the citizens of this state.

Rep. Ron Reynolds Named "Freshman of the Year"

AUSTIN, Texas (June 1, 2011) -- In the largest freshman class in decades, Rep. Ron Reynolds (D-Fort Bend County, District 27) was voted "Freshman of the Year" by the House Democratic Caucus. Rep. Reynolds worked tirelessly on many critical issues facing the state and fought hard to protect the most vulnerable citizens in Texas.Speaker Joe Straus presents Rep. Ron Reynolds with "Freshman of the Year" recognition

This session, Rep. Reynolds played a key leadership role in many debates including the state's budget crisis, funding public education, fighting for teachers and protecting the elderly. "I was proud to announce that Ron was our Freshman of the Year," said Jessica Farrar, House Democratic Leader. "Many members believe that a freshman's job is to be seen, but not heard.  Ron refused to take a back seat during this tough legislative session and his voice was important as we fought for teachers, financial aid for college students, and to keep nursing homes open."

GOP Price Tag

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These are the costs Texans are paying for Republicans' misplaced priorities.