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Voting Fraud by Texas Congress Members Caught on Tape!

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Texas lawmakers are voting more then once for the same bill, violating House rules and are not being disciplined by Speaker of the House, Tom Craddick.

Rules and Precedents of the Texas House, 82nd Legislature:

Section 47. Voting for Another Member

— Any member found guilty by the house of knowingly voting for another member on the voting machine without that other member’s permission shall be subject to discipline deemed appropriate by the house.

Meet the Texas Promesa Fellows

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These are the participants in the 2012 Promesa Project Fellowship Inaugural class. Here they discuss the reasons they applied to become Fellows, offer their thoughts on the reasons why young people should get involved in politics and discuss the potential effects of this project.

The Texas Textbook Wars Head to Tribeca!

"We’re excited to tell you that the Texas Freedom Network’s fight against textbook censorship and efforts to politicize public education will be part of a new documentary film premiering this weekend at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. “The Revisionaries” explores how far-right radicals on the State Board of Education in Texas worked from 2008 to 2010 to undermine the teaching of evolution and rewrite history in a campaign to indoctrinate public school students with their ideological agenda."

Texas children need health insurance

"a recent statistic on the terrible effects of lack of health coverage for children that stopped us in our tracks: As reported in Monday's Chronicle ( 1.2 million Texas children still without insurance ), when comparing Texas children who have health insurance to those without, 90 percent of insured kids are considered healthy, but that holds for only 58 percent of kids without health insurance."

Drop the Curtain on the Perry-McDonnell Agenda

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It's politics over public health. Texas Governor Rick Perry and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell have been hard at work passing "emergency" legislation to eliminate women's health care in their states.

We've had enough. We're watching anti-women's health politicians like Govs. Perry and McDonnell and we will be standing up to their radical policies.

All In for 99% Dispatch - Fitz of Fitz and the Tantrums

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MoveOn's Marika Shaub interviews Fitz of Fitz and the Tantrums after their performance at the "All In For The 99%" event in Los Angeles.

Al Green Endorses Vy Nguyen for State Representative


Promesa: Public Education

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State Representative Rafael Anchia on the difference between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to public education.

Representative Anchía habla sobre crisis de la educación

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La legislatura republican recortó más de 5 billones de dólares de la educación pública. Las historias que estas viendo sobre las escuelas que se están cerrando y los maestros que están perdiendo sus trabajos son los resultados de esas decisiones. El Representante Estatal Rafael Anchía habla sobre crisis de la educación.

Rafael Anchia on Crisis in TX Public Schools

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Texas' Republican-dominated legislature cut over $5 billion from funding that should have gone to our schools. The stories about teacher layoffs and schools closures you're seeing on your local news are the direct result. Go to to see how you can help.