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Ted Cruz = Todd Akin

24 “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.” –Todd Akin, Republican Congressman from Missouri who is seeking the Senate nomination

Dear Democrat,

Mitt Romney and other Republican leaders calling for Todd Akin to resign his campaign need to take in more territory starting with Romney’s VP candidate and including newly minted right wing darling Ted Cruz. The only distinction between Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and Todd Akin is that Akin put down the dog whistle and stated the policy out loud. Akin’s disgusting rhetoric matches the policies of the Republican Party.

Kasim Reed's Star Rises

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Watching the Sunday news shows can sometimes be a tricky proposition. Just as the panelists begin to face off, the moderators often pivot to another topic or allow the other panelists to digress into their own agendas. By the time the round robin is complete, it's easy to have lost track of who was saying what to whom.

A perfect match between Texas business and Democrats

By Steve Brown22

When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed in March 2010, its authors had states like Texas in mind.

Texas is unique in that it’s the only state that has the most advanced, but least accessible medical systems in the nation (if not world).

The number of uninsured Texans has overwhelmed our healthcare infrastructure and economics for the last two decades.

The ACA reduces skyrocketing health costs by increasing access to health insurance. By doing so, the uninsured would be able to receive quality preventive care to help them manage and early diagnose chronic illness instead of receiving expensive primary care in emergency rooms. The costs associated with uncompensated care are paid for by local tax payers, employers and the insured. One emergency room visit by an uninsured patient costs $1300. Multiply that by 5 million uninsured Texans, and you’ve just stumbled upon Texas’ Health Care crisis.

All Texans would benefit from health care reform – and that includes Texas businesses.

Every Vote Counts

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The idea that one vote can't make a difference is a myth. Every vote counts and recent elections demonstrate just how big of an impact one vote can have.

I Am A Democrat

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Young Latinos say why they are a Democrat

Paul Sadler's "We Are the People of Texas" Speech

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Paul Sadler's address to the 2012 Texas State Democratic Convention in Houston, Texas.

The Spirit of Texas

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The Spirit of Texas

I would bet $100 that Julián Castro will be the first Latino governor of Texas

“I would bet $100 that Julián Castro will be the first Latino governor of Texas. “He’s dynamic, he’s extraordinary and he has the background.” - Wayne Slater, senior political writer for The Dallas Morning News

Paul Sadler is the clear choice in Senate runoff

"The race between former state Rep. Paul Sadler and political unknown Grady Yarbrough of San Antonio is flying below the radar, in large part because the Yarbrough campaign doesn't really show up on the radar. No Web site. No volunteers. No press releases and few media interviews.

Who is Grady Yarbrough? He is a 75-year-old East Texas native who ran for Texas land commissioner in 1986 and 1990 - as a Republican. Do Democratic runoff voters need a better reason to turn out in good numbers to cast a vote for Paul Sadler? We don't think so. We wholeheartedly endorse Sadler to carry the Democratic banner in November."

Read the entire article at the Houston Chronicle.

Julián Castro Announced as Keynote Speaker for 2012 Democratic National Convention

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On Tuesday, September 4th, San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro will take the stage to give the keynote address at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Mayor Castro talks about how far we've come under President Obama's leadership and the importance of continuing to move our country forward.