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Fort Bend County

Heads Up: Obama Voter Protection Team

Obama Voter Protection Team

We will have three lawyers representing the official Obama Voter Protection Team stationed at our Headquarters on election day.

If you encounter any problems voting on election day, please call the Fort Bend Democrats HQ at (832) 683-3340 or the head of our Voter Protection Team, Attorney Kyle Longhofer, at (713) 416-1119 and he will answer any questions you have about voting. 

We are anxious to help you with any and all problems you encounter voting.   We will make them play by the rules!

Fort Bend County Votes Cast

Early voting is complete in Texas! Over one-half of Fort Bend County voters have already cast their votes! As of the end of voting on Friday, October 31st, 2008; 7,461 mail-in ballots and 148,448 in-person early voting ballots had been cast in Fort Bend county. This is a total of 155,909 votes or 51.8% of registered voters!

Driving 600 miles to Vote for OBAMA

Imagine driving 600 miles roundtrip to New Orleans and back then waiting for 3 hours to vote for Barack Obama. That is exactly what the Teamese family did this past week. Living in Alief and not registered to vote here, they decided to make the trip back home to make sure their voice was heard. I got a chance to hear their story this past Wednsday night as I was working in the Fort Bend Democratic Headquarters in Rosenberg. Rounding out their trip they stopped by our office and purchased over $180 worth of OBAMA merchandise for themselves and family back in New Orleans.

How to check whether you are registered to vote

How do you know if you are registered to vote?

First, you should have received a Voter Registration Certificate in the mail. This year, the card is an obnoxious orange color, unless you are a UT grad in which case it is the most beautiful orange you have ever seen.

Don't have a card like that? You can check on the internet to see if your registration is active. Here is the link for Fort Bend County: Voter Database Search. If you go to the bottom of the page, you don't have to give your date of birth.

If your search comes up empty, you may be registered in a different county. Try this link to the Secretary of State: Texas Voter Frequently Asked Questions

Dirty Politics in State Senate District 17

From the Fort Bend Star:

The dirty politics in State Senate District 17 uncharacteristically bubbled over in a candidate forum sponsored by the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce this past week at Sugar Creek Country Club. This following story is why the Republican party is facing a long winter of discontent.

Two Democrats seek to unseat Republican judges

From the Houston Chronicle, 10/21/2008:

Two Democratic attorneys are aiming to take the benches of two Republican state district judges in Fort Bend County.

Missouri City Democrat Milton Flick, 64, is challenging 400th District Court judge Cliff Vacek, 61, a Sugar Land Republican. Vacek was elected to the bench in 2004 after being appointed to the post by Gov. Rick Perry to fill the unexpired term of his predecessor Bradley Smith.

In the 434th District Court, Sugar Land Democrat Albert Hollan, 52, is opposing Missouri City Republican Jim Shoemake, 62, who was appointed to the bench by Perry when the state Legislature created the court in 2007.

Echoing the presidential race’s theme of change, both Democratic candidates see a need for “checks and balances” in the county court system, which they say is dominated by Republicans.

Read more: Two Democrats...

Music Suggestions to Help the Terminally Unhip

We need help from someone far hipper than we are. We are putting together a CD of music to play at the election night victory party.

Guess Who Dresses Up the Rosenberg HQ now?

Guess what are dressing up the exterior of the our Rosenberg Headquarters now? None other than two Barack Obama paintings.

Real nice ones, too.

You don't believe me, take a look below.

Original Artwork of Barack Obama by Elkins High School Students

Fort Bend County Candidates Forum

Wednesday, October 29. 6:30-10:00 PM River Point Church 5000 Ransom Road, off US Highway 59 and Grand Parkway Fort Bend County Candidates are invited to share their views on how they see the future of mobility for the county.

Favorite Quotes

Now, our friends at the Republican convention were more than happy to talk about everything they think is wrong with America, but they didn’t have much to say about how they’d make it right. They want your vote, but they don’t want you to know their plan. And that’s because all they have to offer is the same prescriptions they’ve had for the last thirty years: ‘Have a surplus?

Democratic National Convention - September 6, 2012