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Fort Bend County

Dollar Cost of the Iraq War

Cost of the War in Iraq
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This is the estimated United States cost of the war in Iraq to date. Fort Bend County's share is over One Billion Dollars!

A Guide to Your Elected Officials

The wonderful folks at the League of Women Voters have worked hard to gather and maintain this information. So rather than re-invent the wheel, we’re going to refer you to their handy website where you can not only find how to contact and write our president, but everyone on down to the municipalities and school districts in Fort Bend County. Sorry, but it doesn’t include the dog catcher. But it has websites for state agencies!

Fort Bend Democrats

     Fort Bend Democrats Club is a local grassroots organization committed to getting Democrats elected in Fort Bend County. We work with the County Democratic Party to ensure the entire county hears the message of Democrats.

     Thank you for joining us online for a celebration of the determination of national, state, and local Democrats to ensure open and fair government for all people. The Fort Bend Democrats Club has a long history of positive results in recruiting qualified candidates, increasing Democratic visibility, opening and operating state of the art campaign headquarters, and doing the hard work that has resulted in steady gains for Democrats in Fort Bend County.

     Becoming a member of Fort Bend Democrats costs only $15 or $25 for a family, and lets you vote on how we as an organization operates. 

     The Fort Bend Democrats meet on the third Saturday of the month.