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KP George to run for 22nd District Congressional seat

14 Over the past few months, Sugar Land resident KP George has knocked on countless doors to listen to his neighbors’ concerns about the economy, education, and the power of special interests in Congress.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Eric Cantor

Hypocrite Eric CantorAmong the Hypocrites Newsweek uncovered begging for federal dollars, one name stood out. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor requested tens of millions of federal stimulus dollars to create jobs in his district.

During a March 1, 2009 appearance on ABC’s This Week, Rep. Cantor said that the government can’t create jobs, “And what we see in this budget, frankly, is an attempt, again, to try and stimulate the economy through government expenditure. And, you know, at best what that can do is redistribute wealth. It can’t create jobs; it can’t create wealth. We’ve got to get back to focusing on job creation and creating prosperity.”

Newsweek has uncovered letters
that show Rep. Cantor requesting hundreds of millions of stimulus dollars for his district at the same time; he was publicly claiming that government can’t create jobs.

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Never-Wrong Pundit Picks Obama to Win in 2012

Allan Lichtman, the American University professor whose election formula has correctly called every president since Ronald Reagan’s 1984 re-election, has a belated birthday present for Barack Obama: Rest easy, your re-election is in the bag. ...

FALSE: Rick Perry says more and more scientists are questioning global warming

Truth-O-Meter: True

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has made it clear he doesn't believe that human beings are contributing to global warming...

Perry's remarks give the impression that the science of global warming is in dispute, that some scientists feel one way, and some scientists feel another way. He says that skepticism is growing. In fact, our research shows that's not the case. We found that there is solid consensus among the major scientific organizations and that the skeptics seems to be small minority. We rate his statement False.

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Gov. Perry's Claims About Teaching Creationism in Texas Incorrect, Irresponsible

The Texas Freedom Network today released the following statement in response to an erroneous claim by Gov. Rick Perry about creationism in Texas public schools. Answering a young boy’s question while campaigning Thursday in New Hampshire, Gov. Perry said, "in Texas we teach both creationism and evolution in our public schools."

From TFN President Kathy Miller:

"Gov. Perry has once again waded into the culture wars for political gain, but without considering the harmful consequences. It is irresponsible for the leader of a state, or a presidential hopeful, to suggest to public school teachers that it is OK to teach creationism as science when such attempts have repeatedly been ruled unconstitutional by the courts, and could result in litigation against a school district. And it is outrageous that Gov. Perry would erode respect for and trust in public education in Texas, simply in order to promote his political aspirations. Texans and Texas schools are working to prepare our children for college and 21st-century jobs. Gov. Perry’s irresponsible comments wrongly suggest otherwise."

Lloyd Doggett says Texas has worse unemployment than 25 states

"Twenty-five states have lower unemployment than Texas" which is "tied with Mississippi for more minimum-wage jobs than anywhere in the United States."

Truth-O-Meter: TrueU.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett told ABC News on Aug. 11, 2011, that Gov. Rick Perry’s rosy depictions of employment conditions in Texas aren’t entirely accurate.

"Twenty-five states have lower unemployment than Texas does today," the Austin Democrat said, adding that "we're tied with Mississippi for more minimum-wage jobs than anywhere in the United States."

Is Texas middling in unemployment and tied with the Magnolia State for minimum-wage jobs?

Yes and yup.

Read the entire article at PoltiFact Texas.

The Texas Unmiracle

by Paul Krugman

As expected, Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, has announced that he is running for president. And we already know what his campaign will be about: faith in miracles...

So what you need to know is that the Texas miracle is a myth, and more broadly that Texan experience offers no useful lessons on how to restore national full employment...

In June 2011, the Texas unemployment rate was 8.2 percent. That was less than unemployment in collapsed-bubble states like California and Florida, but it was slightly higher than the unemployment rate in New York, and significantly higher than the rate in Massachusetts. By the way, one in four Texans lacks health insurance, the highest proportion in the nation, thanks largely to the state’s small-government approach. Meanwhile, Massachusetts has near-universal coverage...

So where does the notion of a Texas miracle come from? Mainly from widespread misunderstanding of the economic effects of population growth.

...So when Mr. Perry presents himself as the candidate who knows how to create jobs, don’t believe him. His prescriptions for job creation would work about as well in practice as his prayer-based attempt to end Texas’s crippling drought.

Trying to stay rich, no matter the cost

By Lloyd Criss—Galveston County Democratic Party Chairman

There is one word that terrifies the current tea party dominated Republican Party: Taxes.

Republicans at every level are so afraid of this word they would rather watch our nation and state deteriorate than support the modest tax adjustments needed to fund public education, meet society’s basic needs and balance state and federal budgets.