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Early Voting for the May 29th Democratic Primary Election is Underway

Early voting for the May 29th Democratic Primary Election is underway! You have the opportunity to select the slate of Fort Bend Democratic nominees who will join President Barack Obama on the November 2012 ballot. It is extremely important that you make informed choices in this election, and that your voice is heard! Below are a few resources to help you participate in this year's Primary Election:

Get Your Free Women for Obama Bumper Sticker

9 President Obama stood up for women—from fighting for equal pay to protecting a woman's right to choose and cracking down on gender discrimination in health care.

Let everyone know you've got his back this November—get your free Women for Obama bumper sticker.

President Obama's "To Do" List for Congress

8 President Obama has put together a "to do" list for Congress that, if acted upon quickly, will create jobs and help restore middle class security. These initiatives all have bipartisan support, and the President believes that they will help create an economy built to last that supports secure American jobs and makes things the rest of the world buys - not one built on outsourcing, loopholes, or risky financial deals.

Beating Kesha Rogers

By Steve Brown

What if I told you that a candidate in the Democratic Primary would like to have President Barack Obama impeached? What if I told you that she’s a thirty-something, photogenic and articulate African American woman? Finally, what if I told you that two years ago she actually won the Democratic nomination for Congressional District 22, and went on to enter the general election by viciously attacking our President? If you are not already aware of this person, then let me introduce you to Kesha Rogers.

Do Republicans Hate Sex?

Today’s Grand Ob/Gyn Party is obsessed with sex — mainly ensuring that the rest of us have the apparently same miserable sex lives that they themselves endure. Just look at them. Do they look happy? Do they look like they are being romanced and courted? Do they look like they have happy, fulfilling, fabulous-can’t-wait-to-get-to-my-honey relationships? Nope.

Romney: The Most Inexperienced Candidate in Generations


Speaking at the national NRA convention recently, Mitt Romney made a curious boast. "I am running for president because I have the experience and the vision to lead us in a different direction."

Curiously, if one counts-up the years of experience in public office and active-duty military service for all of the recent major-party nominees we find that Romney has less experience in public service than any modern presidential candidate!

NOW Targets Limbaugh With 'Enough Rush' Campaign

Rush Limbaugh has a new headache on his hands: the National Organization for Women is launching another campaign to get him off the air.

The advocacy group announced its renewed efforts in an initiative called "Enough Rush"... It is planning a protest on May 18, in addition to targeting local advertisers and radio stations.

“When he demanded to see video tape of her having sex, that crosses the line into fantasizing about pornography and violence," NOW president Terry O'Neill said.

End the Free Ride!

Working families pay our fair share of taxes every April while the ultra-wealthy and large corporations are paying less and less. In fact, many outsized firms and their executives pay a lower tax rate than their workers.

It’s an outrage. And it got us wondering, if General Electric paid its fair share in taxes like the rest of us this April, what could our communities do with the $2.67 billion in lost revenue?

Katy Area Democrats Announce New Endorsements

At this evening's Katy Area Democrats Monthly Meeting, membership voted for the following candidate endorsements:

  • Harris County Democratic Party Chair - Lane Lewis (unanimous)
  • Harris County Tax Assessor Collector & Voter Registrar - Ann Harris Bennett (unanimous)
  • Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 3 - Ahmad Robert Hassan

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