Houston Enters 21st Century with METRO'S Decision on 2012 Urban Transit Lines!

Since 2006, METRO has been working with the community to determine the best alignment for the University light rail line which stirred much controversy concerning the segment along the Richmond Corridor. Today the decision was made!

Like a bad quarter, he just keeps turning up .....

    As you’ve probably heard, the local Republicans in CD22 have become part volcano, part tornado, and all earthquake in their quest to win back CD 22 from the good guys.
    They've already got more candidates than you can shake a stick at, so they're using the sticks to hit each other. Getting to be a spectator at a Republican fight is entertainment of the quality that would make Hollywood jealous. So, I'm pretty positive that you're gonna hear a lot about it right here on this blog.

Houston, We Have A Problem: Candidates grapple with whether "To Plan or Not To Plan" Houston's Future!

Citizens' Vision for Houston's Future

Just as many states began taking matters into their own hands as the federal government became less dependable for infrastructure development, border control, emergency management etc., so are Texas cities assuring their own self-determination. It seems they are echoing a common refrain: Carpe Diem! (Seize the Day!).

In order to compete for limited resources and talent today and assure they do not become the ghost towns of tomorrow, cities are planning their futures and getting about the task of executing those plans.

Doggett: President "dead certain...dead wrong."

October 13, 2007
Letter to The NY Times

Bush and Children’s Health Care

To the Editor:

“Misleading Spin on Children’s Health” (editorial, Oct. 5) reflects
our experience with President Bush: Even too little for our children’s
health is too much for him.

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident


"In Iran, we don't have homosexuals, like in your country."

-Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, September 24, 2007

"The United States does not torture."

-George W. Bush, October 5, 2007

Top Ten Reasons that Fire Ants are Better than Republicans

Fire ants are a Texas varmint that we can't abide. But there's something worse than fire ants ---

Senator Obama on The Connection Between Faith and Politics

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(Senator Barack Obama's speech to the 'Call to Renewal' conference in Washington D.C. on June 28, 2006).

Obama's 2007 Speech at Woodrow Wilson Center

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Full text of the August 2007 speech given by Illinois Senator Barack Obama at the Woodrow Wilson International Center.

Thank you Lee, for hosting me here at the Wilson Center, and for your leadership of both the 9/11 Commission and the Iraq Study Group. You have been a steady voice of reason in an unsteady time.

Let me also say that my thoughts and prayers are with your colleague, Haleh Esfandiari, and her family. I have made my position known to the Iranian government. It is time for Haleh to be released. It is time for Haleh to come home.

Favorite Quotes

“We must also act promptly to improve the health of our nation. The women of the country particularly know, in many areas there are not enough doctors or hospitals, and that many families cannot afford the medical care they need. This administration has proposed a program of improved medical care. Some parts of this program, such as an expanded health care for school children and additional aid for hospital construction have already passed the Senate.